Purple Peplum

Hello my lovely readers! It’s been a crazy week around here, and I am so sorry for the extended absence!

First of all, ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH THIS CLUTCH?11822197_10207025403050246_1668434590_o (1)Because I totally am.  I found it at T.J. Maxx for $15 on sale.  FIFTEEN DOLLARS.  So of course I snatched that puppy up before anybody else could give it a second look.  I am in love with it and I would carry it every. single. day. if I had a reason to.

Also, I LOVE this top.  It’s one of my favorite pieces this summer.  I had been in the market for a more casual peplum top when I found this gem (also at TJ Maxx) and had to have it.  The color is vibrant and I love the way it adds some detail to an otherwise pretty monotonous outfit.

Well that’s all for today, see y’all soon!

XO, Mandy

11266636_10207025353209000_438589580_o 11837162_10207025382729738_2147089904_o11853013_10207025397250101_314611065_o (1)


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